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Every board is created each week with both seasonal specific and our classical originals items. The meats we put on vary from week to week depending on availability.


They include, Beef Jerky, Salami Chips, Hassle Back Salami, Liver Pate, Beef Baykon, Slim Jim Jerky Stix, Sausages, Pastrami, Smoked Chicken, Corned Beef, Meat Pizzas and London Broil. 

Each board can also include our homemade pickles, fresh fruit, dried fruit, vegetables, dips, crackers.

Just to note

All items are subject to availability. Pictures are only examples of size and options of what we make. 

We are not a nut or seed free facility, our products do contain gluten. We are happy to accommodate dietary needs, please specify upon placing order.

Once and order is placed and confirmed it cannot be canceled. Please respect this policy as we would like to be able to take orders whenever they come.

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