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Relax. And let us handle the grill

Enjoy your next event. Hire us and be a guest

BBQ & Smoker

Beef Ribs. Steaks (regular & aged) Lamb Ribs.

Any of the classics:

Pargiot. Cutlets. Burgers. Sausages. Wings. 

All of the sides:

Coleslaw. Salad. Pickles. Baked potato. Potato Salad. Grilled veggies

From the carving station: 

Smoked Pastrami. Beef Baykon. Honey Roasted Turkey. Corned Beef

Meat Pizza Pop-up


Our mission is to provide the Kosher consumer with the highest level kashrus and to provide a culinary experience in flavors that hasn't been brought to this world before (now).


Our vision is to set up and facilitate a farm to table operated business from the Golan

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